Our Foundation to Firm Leadership

Gulf Advanced Waves Financial Services, LLC

Gulf Advanced Waves Financial Services, LLC (GAWFS) is an extension of the old generation into the new generation. GAWFS , a well-known native Omanis family involved in various businesses in the Oman for more than 40 years, is a global investment firm that leverages emerging technologies across a number of industry verticals. To create sustainable financial returns, we have deployed over RIAL 3 billion in key sectors such as financial services, commercial enterprises, real estate, marine services, agricultural business, food supply chain and distribution and more.

Envisioning the Future

Our vision is to build a successful, professional and institutionalized businesses and transfer it to future generations.

Our Goals for the Present

Gulf Advanced Waves Financial Services, LLC is committed to actively contributing to sustainable growth through its work, people development and wealth creation. Specifically, we will:

Promote the development of human and intellectual capital of the family members
Work in wealth preservation and life essential businesses
Create diversified sources of revenue across sectors and geographies

Our Philosophy and Values

Our core value is to provide one-on-one attention that makes each transaction a personal experience. We at Gulf Advanced Waves Financial Services, LLC prize and cherish values, which embrace –

Shaira in all that we do
Calculated and monitored risks
Team spirit with a long-term vision
Entrepreneurial soul
Discipline and consistency
Family balance
Social responsibility